The Antithesis Mission & Story

Antithesis Foods is a food company making processed foods healthier using the best food science. We develop nutritionally dense alternatives to classic crunchy snacks and ingredients, all based on legumes, that are low in calories and net carbs, and high in fiber and protein.

If it crunches, we make it healthier.

Founded in 2017, Antithesis Foods was started by graduate food scientists from Cornell University. We're convinced that solving the critical problems in food, nutrition, and sustainability requires using science and an antithetical approach.

How we're different

Antithesis’ proprietary invention allows us to structure fibers and proteins into an aerated, crunchy matrix that mimics ingredients that create crunch such as wheat, potatoes, rice, and corn. From this, we are able to make nutritionally functional products that meet the same texture expectations as traditional junk food snacks.

We are texture experts and our goal is to formulate and process with purpose. We make ingredients more functional, rather than making function from more ingredients, and every processing step is done in an effort to maintain nutritional quality.
Oh, and our products taste great too.

We work in market segments across crunchy categories, from pita chips to inclusions, cookies, biscotti, crackers, and more.



Add crunchy texture, without the calories, to yogurts, ice creams, bars, and more! Available in various flavors and shapes for different product applications and macronutrient profiles to meet product goals for calories, fiber, protein, and

Gluten-free pita chips

Crunch just like a wheat-based pita chip but
without the gluten. Available for private label opportunities and can be customized for flavor
(i.e. plain, salted, garlic & herb) and
macronutrient profile.


Protos, our consumer brand, are the best-for-you crunchy gluten-free pita chips, high in protein and prebiotic fiber and low in calories and net carbs. They are craveable like junk food, but actually
food for you.


Jason Goodman


Ashton Yoon


Aly Becraft

R&D Food Scientist

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R&D Associate Scientist

The mission of the R&D Associate Scientist is to execute the benchtop trials, scale-up, and fundamental R&D to develop and improve products for our brands and customers, thus enhancing the technical and commercial viability of the Antithesis legume-based platform.

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